If you are considering purchasing a home I would never advice you to go all the way without the aid of a real estate agent specializing in buying property. There are lots buyers who assume a sellers agent will be fair with them however what they do not comprehend is that a buyers’ agent is always trying to gain advantage for his buyer, whereas a sellers’ agent has the best interest of the seller in mind.

Benefits of Having a Buyers Agent

1.       Ease of access:

Agents work in the real estate industry day in and day out hence they know all types of property available, including homes whose sale might not be announced in the public and are a great buy at a lower than market rate.

Besides getting access to all types of homes your buyers’ agent will plan out a schedule of visiting homes and open houses especially for you. Thus, focusing on homes which come within your price range and are according to your personal requirements.


2.       Market Knowledge:

Having a buyer agent who specifically deals in the locations you are interested in is of utmost importance.  Such agents have their finger on the pulse of the community and will help you find exactly what you need saving you time, stress and effort. 

Knowing your budget, personal preferences and the area your agent can fit in the best things for you saving you money through his extensive knowledge of the real estate industry.


3.       Negotiating a Fair Deal:

When it comes to real estate exceptional negotiating skills are a must have. Professional agents are adept in negotiating and not only will your agent negotiate the home price on your behalf but also negotiate all aspects of purchasing a house which include the closing date, moving out time for the owners, things which need to be fixed by the owner and so on.

Being actively involved in the real estate industry estate agents have seen it all and know exactly what to expect. It certainly helps to have a professional on your side making the negotiating process easy for you.


How to Choose a Buyers Agent:

http://farm4.staticflickr.com/3451/5817730997_161c3ac365_o.jpgAll real estate agents are not equal. There are those who care about their clients and go the extra mile to secure the best deal for them while there are also agents who focus on their personal interests and make buying home a nightmare for their clients.

Therefore before settling upon one do your research and make sure you know:

·         The qualifications of your agent along with the type of license he possesses.

·         His field experience which should include the number of years he has worked in the real estate market and the homes he has helped his previous clients purchase along with the information about their price and location.

·         If he has indemnity insurance in case something goes wrong with the purchase.

·         Your agent should be an expert in your location. Inquire for how long he has purchased property in that specific area and if he knows it inside out.